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SOS EUROPA is an indipendent NGO based in Rome.


27/31 October 2017


Co-financed by the European Commission, City of Ciampino and SOS Europa


Consiglio comunale. Aula Consiliare "Pietro Nenni", in Via 4 Novembre - Ciampino, Rome - Italy



Project Summary


The project YOUNG LEADERS INTERNATIONAL MEETING aims to support the youth participation in representative democracies and in civil societies. Moreover, it works to support the participation and engagement of young people and youth organisations in the process of elaboration, realisation, and evaluation of policies through a structured dialogue. One of the main objectives consists in creating or modifying national laws to enhance the youth condition. 

SOS Europa, with all partners involved, wants to use the structured dialogue as a tool to improve the cooperation among young people. Moreover, it  aims to engage a greater number of young people, in particular those with fewer opportunities, in the European policy making process. 

The main objective is “allowing young people to take part of an heterogenous, connected, and inclusive Europe – Ready for the life, Ready for the society. “ This project aims to give people the opportunity to get in touch with those organisations involved in the promotion of active citizenship and in the improvement of youth policies. It involves 48  young people (24 men and 24 women), plus 12 facilitators or experts in the field, for a total amount of 60 participants (28 with fewer opportunities), coming from 12 different countries. 

The project includes a transnational meeting, held in Ciampino, Rome from 27 to 31October 2017 and organised by SOS Europa with the support of all partners.

The activities will be carried out using non formal methods, such as Open Space Technology (OST), Focused Conversation, Future Search Conference, and Structured Dialogue.  The planning and subject of the activities are based on SALTO publications,  such as "Working on Work for All" e "InclusionthroughEmployability". The YouthPass certificate will be delivered to each participant. To disseminate the results of the projects and the programme Erasmus Plus outside the Italian borders, it will be used several means of divulgation.

After the meeting, 12 local events will be organised to share the results of the projects. Each event will see the participation of at least 100 young people, for a total amount of 12000 people. The project has the following objectives:

  • the writing of 12 new law proposals concerning young policies and the approval by national government of 5 of them within the end of the project.
  • the participation of at least 40% of participants in other international mobility projects, SVE included, in the following 8 months.
  • the active participation, as candidate, of 30% of participants in the elections of their own countries.
  • to see involved at least 60% of participants in promoting the active citizenship in their own community.

The specific objectives are to:

Travel to Hotel



Via Dalmazia, 9, 00043 Ciampino RM

You will be accommodated in double, triple or quadruple -sex rooms with participants from different countries with en suite bathroom. Towels/bed linen will be provided. Food: three nice Italian meals will be served plus two coffee breaks per day.  

On. Brando Benifei per Young Leaders International Meeting

Grazie all'on. Brando Benifei , europarlamentare per questo video-messaggio che ci ha inviato in occasione di Young Leaders International Meeting 2017 che inizierà il prossimo sabato 28 ottobre a Ciampino.

Pubblicato da SOS Europa su Giovedì 26 ottobre 2017

#youngleadersinternationalmeeting Un breve video-riassunto delle presentazioni degli #youngleaders

Pubblicato da SOS Europa su Domenica 29 ottobre 2017

Young Leaders international meeting First day

Ecco alcune immagini del momento di dialogo tra i decisori politici e gli #youngleaders a cui hanno partecipato il presidente di SOS Europa Mattia Di Tommaso, il vice-presidente del Consiglio Regionale del Lazio Mario Ciarla e il sindaco di Ciampino Terzulli, il coordinatore del progetto Out Sport Rosario Coco, Luca Bellino ed Erica Roic

Pubblicato da SOS Europa su Domenica 29 ottobre 2017

Le finalità dello #youngleadersinternationalmeeting secondo l' on. Bruno Molea, presidente delle organizzazioni sportive amatoriali AICS e CSIT

Pubblicato da SOS Europa su Lunedì 30 ottobre 2017