Aperte le candidature per un progetto europeo in Armenia dal 6 al 15 Agosto 2022

Achieving Social Inclusion through Culture and Art

Youth Exchange

A1 Yerevan | Armenia 6-15 August 2022



Countries: Greece, Armenia, Italy and Georgia

Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Dates: 6-15 August 2022

Coordinator Organization: NEANIKOI ORIZONTES M.K.O.

Hosting organization: “Catalyst” Educational NGO

Travel to Armenia: Armenia is open for all travelers. Entry to Armenia requires negative PCR test

[check your travel notices before travel] or proof of vaccination. (see https://www.gov.am/en/covidtravel-

restrictions/ ) There are no restrictions in Armenia currently and all business including bars and

restaurants operate normally.

About the project:

As the pandemic spreads globally, many vulnerable youth such as migrants, refugees or homeless

youth are in precarious situations. They tend to be already in a situation without even their minimum

requirements being met on health, education, employment and well-being. United Nations suggests

this pandemic will likely increase inequality, exclusion, discrimination and global unemployment in

the medium and long term. Thus, issues related to social inclusion remain even more relevant today.

Existing studies note that painting, drama, dance, music, literature, photography, film and other art

forms provide all young people including immigrants and refugees a creative space for exploration and

expression of identities, for challenging discrimination and social exclusion and for fostering

intercultural dialogue.

The project “Achieving Social Inclusion through Culture and Art” aims to create a platform where

young people experience and practice artistic and cultural communication that leads to social inclusion

and become change agents in their local communities in general and among refugees/asylum seekers

and migrant communities in particular

We believe inclusion is possible only through renewal on all 4 levels (Mind, Body,

Heart and Spirit). This course will explore this model that leads to personal and then society level

harmony and inclusion.

Phase #1: Youth Exchange A1 in Yerevan, Armenia (6-15 August 2022)

32 young people from 4 countries (Greece, Armenia, Georgia and Italy) will gather in Armenia to

reach the following objectives:

– Improve intercultural competences and integration of young people through cultural and artistic


– Empower participants to engage in their communities through artistic and cultural activities (e.g.

Local Inclusion Clubs in Phase #2) that foster dialogue and mutual understanding.

– Analyze the current situation and risks facing young people today, particularly young people among

refugees/asylum seekers, migrants

– Explore the concept and root causes of radicalization and extremism among youth and how artistic

and cultural activities can help alleviate the problem and guide people towards harmony and inclusion.

– Decide themes, topics and methods of the Youth Exchange Activity A2

Phase #2: Participants will pilot and facilitate “Local Inclusion Clubs” giving disadvantaged youth

opportunity to experience and practice artistic and cultural dialogue activities in local communities.

The network of 8 clubs will reach 200 disadvantaged youth and prepare the ground for Phase #3.

Phase #3: Youth Exchange A2 in Greece (TBD).




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Per candidarti compila il form qui sotto entro il 25 Maggio 2022 


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