Evs: Feeling Green – Erasmus Plus

We are looking for 1 volunteer per our project Feeling Green
Start: 16 October 2018
End: 16 April 2018
Venue: SOS Europa, Roma

What about EVS
Erasmus+ Volunteering Activities help young people travel abroad to participate in volunteering projects.
Erasmus+ is one of the of the EU funding programmes supporting volunteering activities within the European Solidarity Corps Initiative.
By also being part of the European Solidarity Corps, you join the community of likeminded young people who are contributing to create a more inclusive and united society.
As a volunteer, you commit yourself to the work of an organisation abroad. Volunteering projects can involve many different kinds of activities in areas such as youth work, cultural activities, social care or environmental protection. You volunteer on an unpaid and full-time basis.
What you have achieved and learned through volunteering is certified Europe-wide via the Youthpass recognition tool. You will also get a European Solidarity Corps certificate of participation at the end of your service.
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Volunteers already involved in an Erasmus+ Volunteering Activity should read the Info Kit explaining what to expect and with information on the Youthpass and the insurance cover provided.
Access to Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support will help you learn the language that you volunteer in.

You must be between the ages of 25 and 30 to candidate for participate.

Financial support
All essential costs related to your volunteering project are covered. You will be provided with accommodation, board and any local transport that you may need. You may also receive a small amount of ‘pocket money’. All volunteers are covered by insurance during their time abroad.

What about the Project
Rome is a city with a special geographical structure: since his glorious foundacion, Rome was buildt
near the Tiber river, connecting the city to the sea. the areas near the city, with his villages over the
hills, give it a lacustrine variety, and this variety make the roman countryside a typical area in Italy. All
these elements make Rome a very special city that can offer to their abitants the opportunity to
understand the difference between urban area and rural area. Although Rome collect almost the total
number of tourist on our region, in these years We can see a different phenomenon: the discover of
rural areas near the city and the success of slow and eco tourism . The project overall aims to make
SOS Europa promoter of an healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and also of a good practices of a slow
and eco tourism that We can see in the villages near Rome. Project’s objectives: – Raising
awareness about the environmental protection – Promoting the rural areas near Rome – Increasing
knowledge and skills about the environmental protection – Increasing activities with enviromental
topic that SOS Europa want to promote in the future erasmus plus projects – Increasing active
participation in the society – Increasing intercultural awareness – Improving foreign language
competencies The selection was made from the SOS Europa team, together with the partner
organization involved in this project. They were selected in a fair, transparent and objective way,
regardless of their ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation and political opinion.

If u want to candidate send an email to info@soseuropa.it

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