Felling Green – EVS Project

Project's Summary

Rome is a city with a special geographical structure: since his glorious foundacion, Rome was buildt near the Tiber river, connecting the city to the sea. the areas near the city, with his villages over the hills, give it a lacustrine variety, and this variety make the roman countryside a typical area in Italy. All these elements make Rome a very special city that can offer to their abitants the opportunity to
understand the difference between urban area and rural area. Although Rome collect almost the total number of tourist on our region, in these years We can see a different phenomenon: the discover of rural areas near the city and the success of slow and eco tourism . The project overall aims to make SOS Europa promoter of an healthy and sustainable lifestyle, and also of a good practices of a slow
and eco tourism that We can see in the villages near Rome. Project's objectives: - Raising awareness about the environmental protection - Promoting the rural areas near Rome - Increasing knowledge and skills about the environmental protection - Increasing activities with enviromental topic that SOS Europa want to promote in the future erasmus plus projects - Increasing active participation in the society - Increasing intercultural awareness - Improving foreign language competencies The selection was made from the SOS Europa team, together with the partner organization involved in this project. They were selected in a fair, transparent and objective way, regardless of their ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation and political opinion.


Tamara Hodak is from Plitvice Lakes, Croatia.

She graduated from highschool of economics and trade. Afterward, she studied communication sciences. During the formal education, she did a lot of volunteering and field practice which includes: organizing symposium „Media in a different way“, organizing „Christmas humanitarian fair of Croatian studies“, editor`s assistant and journalist in magazine „Oprez“, a journalist on website „Likaclub.eu“, field practice at Croatian radio and television center.

Her education continued non formally by participating in many Erasmus plus youth exchanges and training courses including different topics.

Since her teenage years, she worked in the tourist sector where she gained a lot of experience in hotel managing, accounting, bookkeeping, working with people from all over the world... At the same time, she was a freelance journalist.

Tamara speaks Croatian (mother language), English (c1), Bosnian (c1), Serbian (c1), Macedonian (b1) and studying Italian.