LUCA SPEZIALE: My experience, what else?

Few days ago I’m back from a Youth Exchange in Macedonia about the Selfemployment. Itwasmy first experience with thistype of project, to saythat I amverysatisfiedis to saylittle.
Duringthisexchange I metyoungs from whole Europe, Greeks, Albanians, Macedonians, Spanish and Germans; I could know a new culture, seeamazingplaceabdtry the localkitchen.
I foundparticularlyinteressting the metodology, wedid brainstorming, team activities, energizer, meeting with localentrpreuner and praticalactrivities.
Last butnotleast, I am happy to haveparticipated in thisprojectbecausemydream to open a not-profit made greatleapsforwardduringthisproject, in fact, I metwonderfulpeoplewhohavemysamepassion and nowwe are workingtogether to make itpossible.
So to conclude, a fantastic and uniqueexperience under many points of view. I recommendit!

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