Programme: Erasmus+

Key Action: Support for policy reform Action Type: Dialogue between young people and policy makers

Integration of refugees


Youth (Participation, Youth Work, Youth Policy)
Migrants' issues


The project promoted by AICS and 10 partners born with the ambition to promote and stimulate projects to promote social inclusion for migrants. In SPECIFIC we want to offer innovative possibilities of education, training and employment for disadvantaged community, a fighting discrimination and define a new agenda for integration of migrants.
The project aims to:
• promote participation in democratic life in Europe, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, solidarity and foster quality improvements in youth work;
• Increase the International Dimension of the activities in the youth sector and the role of youth workers and the involved organizations.
The MAW's specific objectives are :
• Improving Theoretical Knowledge Of Operators and committed social worker in inclusion projects and integration of migrants.
• share best practices adopted From the Organizations on the theme of inclusion and integration of migrants.
• Improving the quality of services from partner organizations on the local and national
• Strengthen the partnership among the organizations involved also for future international projects on the subject of inclusion.
• Promote Advocacy Actions
MIGRANTS ARE WELCOME includes a INTERNATIONAL MEETING (1/5 October 2018) to be held in Ciampino, Rome where will be drafted the Guidance Document for inclusion projects and will be started a web campaign against racism
Each partner will involve 4 young people (25/30 age), plus 1 expert on youth policy and immigration. The project will involve 20 participants with fewer opportunities (10 migrants and 10 with economic difficulties) for a total of 50 participants.
Maw's direct beneficiaries are young people who work, or aspire to be included, in the staff of partner organizations engaged in the implementation of social inclusion projects for migrants.
We expect the organization of 10 local dissemination events with a participation of at least 100 young people at a total of 1,000 young people; the launch of a web campaign (discussed in Rome) at the same time by all 10 partners; and the future participation of participants in other international mobility projects, the organization of other social inclusion projects for migrants to be developed in local partner communities.