This experience has been interesting and formative indeed. Before leaving I had a lot of fears, first of all that of not being able to communicate well with the other participants, but instead I have discovered that in this type of projects we are only young people, cultural differences and every kind of differences are cancelled. Also for the communication there has been no problem because activities were planned in such way by not to require great linguistic competences in English language. After the project I feel different, I have acquired skills that I never thought I could ever haveas “leadership” and I have strengthened others that I had as the creativity.
I would recommend to everyone an Erasmus + experience because it gives you the opportunity to discover new cultures and compare yourself with other young people and understand that even if physically far away, we are not so different.
I really enjoyed working in a group with people who came from different countries, the result of many group work was very fun and creative.
So I’m very satisfied and ready to leave again.
Thanks to Sos Europa, thanks to the European Commission!

By Silvia Gobbi, Group Leader SOS Europa per il progetto “LET’S GO TOWARDS A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!” – Erasmus Plus Ka1

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