A friend of mine, who is Italian, mentioned an old train that goes through mountains once a year, not far from Rome. That ideas was spining around my head for some time. I tried to look for it everywhere. Unbelivebely, I found it on Facebook. I rushed to notify my mentor and we decided to go.

The decision was partly regretted due to waking up at 04:00, followed by 2 hours of car ride from Rome to Sulmona to get to the train station. However, the feeling came back as soon as we saw the train. It was from 1911, made mostly in steel and wood, with old writings, painting and pictures framed inside. It reminded me of a train from Harry Potter movies. Completely full, we departed.

The ride was much slower than in the modern trains but that is why we enjoyed it more. Railway we were passing through is called Transsiberiana Italiana. It got a name because of the amazing view along the whole railway. Mountains and hill covered by snow, a seasonal lake as well as animal footprints on the snowy ground.

The first stop was a small town in the middle of mountains. Everybody rushed to the first bakery. So did we. Apparently, the area is famous for good bread. We bought some beagels, it was good. Not the best ever, but good enough.

After an hour, train continued. We were almost falling asleep when the group of mucisians entered our wagon. It was extremely entertaining. They were wearing costumes, played instruments and sang old songs like it was really 1911. Some of the passangers knew the song. Such a great addition to the trip. Needless to say, we got completely awaken and continued to observe wonderful nature through the window.

The last stop was a ski resort. We took a walk around the town which was very small. It was hard to find a place to eat due to the fact there was too many people in such a small place. If we knew, we would buy more bread in the previuos town.

On the way back, everybody was exhausted and sleeping. Musicians woke us up again. Only this time, the whole wangon was actually sleeping and it was hillarious to sneak in, start playing music and watch us all jumping in fear.

It was a really nice experience. Especially, if you are looking for something relaxing, affordable, different, without spending time on the organization. It took us back to the past and showed us that part of tradition still lives.


  • Tamara Hodak [Feeling Green]

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