When in Rome… Hidden gems

When in Rome… Possibly one of the easiest ways to start the most romantic story ever about attractions around the world`s biggest historical center, worldwide famous food, land of great lovers, hills of wine yards, the best wine in existence, emotional poetry, great minds…
All of this actually made me think about hidden gems. A journalist in me likes to research the depth of already known.
When in Rome… People usually come to visit for a few days, maybe weeks. The aim is always to see the major attractions which are usually overcrowded for the obvious reasons. Speaking of the size, Rome is 108th out of 4416 cities in the world, according to Google. So, what can you see in that period of time? Barely anything. When I came to Rome for the first time, I wanted to avoid crowds and waiting in the queues so I decided to go around not walking on the same street twice. It took me 3 weeks to see 30% of the city center. Therefore, you have to make a good research before coming to make your wishes come true.

Do you ever wish to see more than Vatican, Colosseum, Fontana di trevi, Pantheon, Spanish stairs, Piazza Navona, Villa Borghese, Piazza del Popolo, Castel Sant’Angelo, St. Peter Basilica or some other beautiful sights which you can find on every „top 10 attractions in Rome“ list online? Would you filter and narrow down your bucket list according to your interests?
If yes, I have a good news. I will spend the next six months exploring periphery, the Roman rural area and surrounding towns. The result of my work will be a presentation of the „plan B“. Which means that I will discover less popular but equally beautiful sides of Rome and nearby area.
There are many nice seasonal festival, events, different kind of happenings, heritage, small towns, domestic productions, natural wonders which are waiting to be discovered. Unbelievably, all of it is placed near the well known Roman sights.
When in Rome… Create your unique story. Follow the updates of my research and, hopefully, you will put the new wishes on your bucket list.
European Commission and SOS Europa gave me this amazing opportunity and I`m very grateful to be part of it.

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