World Without Hate – Youth for Human Rights

Short Summary

This project brings together young people and youth workers from CoE Member states and Ghana and India and focuses on online and offline measures combating hate speech. There for this project aims to assits civil society organizations (CSO’s) in addressing human rights issues through education.

What are our objectives of the project ?

- increasing the competences of youth leaders, youth workers and educators in the field of anti-hate speech activism and Human Rights Education
- training participants in using the ‘Compass’ Manual for HRE for anti-hate speech activities
- mainstreaming anti-hate speech and HRE methods in youth work and developing future HRE-related projects in partner countries
- linking European anti-hate speech activities with local campaigning on human rights
- increasing the international dimension of youth work, notably with reference to human rights education
- assuring a long term, sustainable increase in quality of partner organisations’ work with combating hate speech and human rights issues.

What are the project activities:

1. Coordination meeting in Skopje, Macedonia, 1-4.02.2018
2. Training course in Ciampino, Italy, 4-12.05.2018
3. Training Course in Shtip, Macedonia 18-26.09.2018
4. Local workshops/activities in all partner countries
5. Seminar in Bansko, Bulgaria


Minority Leaders for Society  - Macedonia (Coordinator)

1. Pro xpert – Ramnicu Valcea, Romania
2. International Initiatives for Cooperation - Razlog, Bulgaria
3. SOS Europa – Rome, Italy
4. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Kilicarslan Youth Center – Konya, Turkey
5. OSDA – Accra, Ghana
6. DISHA – Aurangabad, India


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