Youth Workers International Networks

Programme: Erasmus+ Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia


The idea of the project is to create a path of non-formal education about youth work. SOS Europa wants to involve European and Non-European partners in a project of education for young people with the aim of improving their skills and experiences as youth workers.For reinforcing international values like peace, coexistence between people, tolerance, sustainable development it is important to create awareness of that values across borders and populations, giving young people the occasion to grow up without looking at walls and edges as limits and giving them the awareness that it is possible acting on society for positive development.For reaching this aim, it is fundamental developing education of youth workers in all ways and creating a good and efficient network of youth workers across different countries. It will help new generations in being active in political and social life of their countries, of Europe and of International Community.So, the scope of the project is to increase leadership of youth workers, through exchange of good practices between European and Non-European organisations and associations: for reaching these objectives, the project will start with a Kick Off Meeting, will see the organisation of at least two international encounters for young participants from all organisations involved (in particular, a training course and a youth exchange), and will end with a Closing Meeting for Capacity building. During project phases each partner will manage some local activities especially focused on spreading values of the project and dissemination.The idea about the theme of the proposal was born looking at how, for non-profit organisations in general, and for organisations involved in European project in particular, is becoming fundamental give to their members and to young volunteer in general an efficient education about youth work.For create efficient path of education in this field is fundamental creating a solid network between organisations from different countries and the created consortium is the best one for the proposal. All organisations have great backgrounds and skilled staffs in the field of youth and non-formal education, and are also very experienced in organising local and international projects.




Mattia Di Tommaso

Project Coordinator

Tommaso Usseglio

Project Manager

Laurentiu Petrea

Project Manager

Alice Nina Petra

Follow up

Inmaculada Jurado Ledesma

Dissemination of result

Aitor Rando Roldán


Manfred Tawiah

Follow Up

Kerron Vaishnav


Andrijana Steriova

Project Manager

Start: 02-12-2019 - End: 04-06-2021
Project Reference: 608525-EPP-1-2019-1-IT-EPPKA2-CBY-ACPALA
EU Grant: 89204 EUR
Programme: Erasmus+
Key Action: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices
Action Type: Capacity Building for youth in ACP countries, Latin America and Asia

Youth Workers International Networks – Closing Meeting


Si è svolto il 28 Marzo 2022 il Closing Meeting relativo al progetto YouWIN - Youth Workers International Networks, finanziato dalla Commissione Europea nell’ambito della Call Capacity Building in the Field of Youth, coordinato dall’associazione SOS Europa.

Il meeting ha visto la partecipazione dei rappresentanti di tutte le organizzazioni coinvolte, dalla Spagna, dalla Romania, dal Ghana, dalla Macedonia del Nord.

Durante il meeting di chiusura, rientrante tra le attività di Capacity Building del progetto, le delegazioni hanno analizzato tutte le attività progettuali e i risultati raggiunti, valutato il livello di partecipazione e identificato le buone pratiche emerse in tema di educazione degli Youth Workers.

Nella sessione finale, le delegazioni si sono concentrate su buoni propositi per il futuro, immaginando le prospettive della partnership e lavorando per l’individuazione di nuove idee progettuali comuni.


Youth Workers International Networks – Closing Meting

The Closing Meeting on the YouWIN - Youth Workers International Networks project took place on March 28, 2022, by the European Commission as part of the Call Capacity Building in the Field of Youth, coordinated by the SOS Europa association.

The meeting saw the participation of representatives of all the organizations involved, from Spain, Romania, Ghana, North Macedonia.

During the closing meeting, which is part of the Capacity Building activities and analyzes of the project, the delegations have all the project activities and the results achieved, assessed the level of participation and identified the good practices that emerged in terms of education of the Youth Workers.

In the final session, the delegations focused on good intentions for the future, imagining the prospects of the partnership and working towards the identification of new common project ideas.