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1. Food – There is too much diversity to make a specific recommendation. People eat different food and prefer different places. My advice is to make research as soon as you arrive in Rome, or even prior to that. There are restaurants, fast food, pizzerias, bakeries and other places toRead More


A friend of mine, who is Italian, mentioned an old train that goes through mountains once a year, not far from Rome. That ideas was spining around my head for some time. I tried to look for it everywhere. Unbelivebely, I found it on Facebook. I rushed to notify myRead More


While doing EVS under the name „Feeling green“, I focused on exploring and researching natural beauties around Rome. During my research, I found some amazing locations and stories. On the other hand, there are devastating discoveries as well – pollution. Every capital city struggles when it comes to waste management.Read More

Alphabet of Italy

Architecture– One of the world`s most impressive architecture accomplishments are placed in Italy. This historical capital of the world has been ahead of its time for hundreds of years which resulted in mesmerizing heritage and beautiful artwork. Berlusconi – One of the richest and the most powerful people in theRead More

Feeling Green, Tamara Hodak : ALL OVER ROME, PARROTS FOUND A HOME

Admiring at Roman beauties can be quite exhausting. All over a huge city, which happens to be worlds` historical center, there is a lot to see, a lot to hear, a lot to learn. It requires a lot of planning, walking and eating throughout all day. Even night. So, whatRead More

Feeling Green, Tamara Hodak : There`s only one chance for first impression

Moving to another country is always a hard work. Both phisically and emotionally. You literally have to pack your life into the suitcases and carry it with you to another world. Getting used to different way of living and trying to learn how to get around seems like walking throughRead More

[Feeling Green]: Tears of Venus stayed in Nemi forever

As a strawberry addict, I was absolutely stunned when I found out that there is a town in Italy famous for strawberry production. Amazed and curious, I started my research. The name of the town is Nemi, it is located 30 minutes from Rome with a car. Settled on theRead More

Future of the past: Tivoli

Idecided to leave Rome for a day. I was looking for a nearby place to visit which iseasy to reach and not too distant. Google helped me a bit to make my decision. I went to Tivoli. Tivoli is a town placed 40 km East from Termini,the center of Rome.Read More

When in Rome… Hidden gems

When in Rome… Possibly one of the easiest ways to start the most romantic story ever about attractions around the world`s biggest historical center, worldwide famous food, land of great lovers, hills of wine yards, the best wine in existence, emotional poetry, great minds… All of this actually made meRead More