Francesca Giammorcaro: I am sure will be useful in my future experiences

The training course “Gender equality in journalism” took place in Stip, Macedonia, from the 20 to the 27 of April; six countries took place in it: Macedonia, Italy, Greece, Estonia, Ghana and India. The training was about the gender issue in general, but its aims were also to focus on the way media treat this topic and to develop awareness about the importance of gender sensitive language. To me, it was very interesting to have the opportunity to discuss about these questions with people from other countries, not only the farther one, like India and Ghana, but also with the European ones, with which Italy shares the same cultural roots: especially with the Greece participants, we had the opportunity to find common problems and to have stimulating conversations about the situation in our countries. The training also gave to me new points of view and food for thought, which I am sure will be useful in my future experiences, both personal and formal; but this was not a surprise, because – to me – it is the best entails Erasmus+ projects are able to give to anyone who have the change to participate in!

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