Giulio Lasalvia: Was fantastic!

The experience that I was able to live thanks to the SOS Europe project in collaboration with the European Union in the context of the Erasmus plus projects was fantastic! Thanks to them I was able to travel outside my country and meet many young people from all over the world. With them we have been able to tackle the burning issue of gender violence and the conditions of life in the various countries regarding gender equality. We could going deeper to the mechanisms by which mass media deal with these issues. We have also had the opportunity to listen to some journalists’ voices as the situation of the gender equality in the world of media and journalism itself. Thanks to this experience I will take with me the friendship with exceptional boys and girls and in addition, thanks to this project I have been able to strengthen the English learned at school. Switching from books to real life and everyday life and I was able to enrich humanly, intellectually and lexically. I will definitely start again with sos europa, and I’m sure we will be more and more to exploit this potential, so I’ll see you at the next project!

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