Young Leaders International Meeting 2017

SOS EUROPA is an indipendent association of social promotion based in Rome. It was created to spread the European cultural values and for improving integration inside and outside the Union, encouraging mobility of young people by promoting cultural exchange and knowledges exchange, participatory and active European citizenship, networking opportunities. The Association is nonprofit and seeks esclusively scopes of social, human, civil and cultural  solidarity and of ethic research. The Association organizes courses, training, seminars and is partner of several European projects. It was founded in January 2016 by young people who have been working in associations and deal with EU issues, and it employs a team of passionate young volunteers, experts in Project Planning and European policies. SOS Europa is partner of the third edition of Italian Gaymes, cultural sporting event against sex discrimination, and Euro 2019 Gaymes partners, a sporting event for the LGBT community.  SOS Europa is one of the founders of the Italian National Gay Friendly Team ( We are a no-profit social Ngo, with experience in the social and educational sector and a big commitment in the mutualistic field, supporting the general interests of the Community; in the human promotion and the social integration of citizens, encouraging paths based on socialization and solidarity.




Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform


The project YOUNG LEADERS INTERNATIONAL MEETING aims to support the youth participation in representative democracies and in civil societies. Moreover, it works to support the participation and engagement of young people and youth organisations in the process of elaboration, realisation, and evaluation of policies through a structured dialogue. One of the main objectives consists in creating or modifying national laws to enhance the youth condition.
SOS Europa, with all partners involved, wants to use the structured dialogue as a tool to improve the cooperation among young people. Moreover, it aims to engage a greater number of young people, in particular those with fewer opportunities, in the European policy making process.
The main objective is “allowing young people to take part of an heterogenous,connected, and inclusive Europe – Ready the for life, Ready for the society. “ This project aims to give people the opportunity to get in touch with those organisations involved in the promotion of active citizenship and in the improvement of youth policies. It involves 48 young people (24 men and 24 women), plus 12 facilitators or experts in the field, for a total amount of 60 participants (28 with fewer opportunities), coming from 12 different countries.
The project includes a transnational meeting, held in Rome in October 2017 and organised by SOS Europa with the support of all partners.
The activities will be carried out using non formal methods, such as Open Space Technology (OST), Focused Conversation, Future Search Conference, and Structured Dialogue. The planning and subject of the activities are based on SALTO publications, such as “Working on Work for All” e “InclusionthroughEmployability”. The YouthPass certificate will be delivered to each participant. To disseminate the results of the projects and the programme Erasmus Plus outside the Italian borders, it will be used several means of divulgation.
After the meeting, 12 local events will be organised to share the results of the projects. Each event will see the participation of at least 100 young people, for a total amount of 12000 people.

Survey: The project launch a public consultation for young where will be asked the same two questions expressed in the survey:

•     1-“what new law concerning youth policies would like to introduce in your country”?
•    2-“what is the existing law which you would like to change and how?”


Key Action 3: Support for Policy Reform

Opportunities under this Key Action contribute to supporting the overall EU policy agenda, the Education and Training 2020 cooperation framework, and the Youth Strategy. Organisations will contribute to improving the quality of education, training, and youth systems in Europe, as well as promoting transnational learning and cooperation between authorities. They will also contribute to developing the basis for evidence based policy-making, as well as supporting networks and tools for policy implementation. Organisations will also contribute to improving the involvement of young people in democratic life and their engagement with politicians. Structured Dialogue aims to promote the active participation of young people in democratic life and foster debate around the major issues affecting youth. Specifically, these activities aim to bring young people and decision makers into discussion to help develop policies in the sector, notably the EU Youth Strategy.











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