25, Lug 2018

My first youth exchange was in Spain and it was a great adventure for me. The fear and the sense of uncertainty that I had at the beginning, above all for the activities and the “meeting” with other people, disappeared after the first few days. Part of this result is due to the ability of the three organizers, who improved the integration of the five groups. Every activity was so important for the growth of everyone and the inclusion. In that waywe started to know each other in a funny way, but deep. So, at the end, I was spending my time not more with simply “people”, but with friends. From them, I discovered two things: the first one is that people have the same problems and thoughts, even if they live so far away. The second one is that there are so many different realities at my age, that before I didn’t know. After this experience I feel richer than before, not from an economic point of view but from a cultural and personal one. I can define this exchange as an open minded project because it really helps you to the integration and to feel a real European citizen.

Giada Forner

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